I am taking part in the daily blog prompt….today’s prompt is bought to you by the letter S and the below link..dates might be a bit off as I’m in Australia but who could resist this prompt.

Will people in a 100 years look at meat eating and the people who part took in it as savages? It is a question that has been posed many a time by many authors, philosophers,historians and scientists. Given the evolution of the human being, and the way we view our past, it certainly seems increasingly possible and even likely.

the forest destroyers are the savages

As human beings we are destroying our home at a very rapid rate. Turning a blind eye to the way we use, abuse and dominate all living things is not a something to be proud of. Being deliberately ignorant to it is kind of next level on the shit human being radar and yes my friends, make yourself a badge and wear it proudly! I say that because most people are still of the belief that mans dominion and lording over all is our right. Now that is a very outdated, neanderthal, knuckle-dragging view if ever I’ve heard one. Isn’t it time to evolve already? Evolve with and for the planet. Evolve and recognise what is needed to be a happier people living more harmoniously with nature. Nature is way more powerful than us and until that is universally acknowledged I just don’t know if anything good can come to fruition. Arrogance and discord will not bring us into this century. History has shown time and time again that arrogantly putting ourselves above the delicate balance of the ecosystem never  works.

Image result for are meateaters unevolved savages

Image result for are meateaters unevolved savages


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